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sinners & saints newsletter: september 14

September 14, 2010 Greetings Sinners & Saints members and Alumni! Over the past nine months together, we have learned many things about churchplanting, community, and each other. While some of you have moved on, I wanted you to know what a great blessing each of you have been in the history of the Sinners & … Continue reading

sinners & saints newsletter: may 24-30

28 May 2010 Retreat I spent this week at a teaching and discipleship retreat with 9 other pastors in the Colorado Rockies outside Denver. It was a beautiful retreat location, and allowed for a time of reflection on my own stage of life, and reflection regarding Sinners and Saints. I was reminded of how thankful … Continue reading

about that broken pipe

Now that we’ve had a little space to enjoy functional plumbing, we’re ready to talk about the event referred to in the Klug household as ‘poop-a-palooza 2010’. Most of you heard about the broken sewer pipe in the front yard, but unless you’ve dug around in your own feces, it’s hard to appreciate the sheer … Continue reading

sinners & saints newsletter: may 17-23

19 May 2010 Spring Squalls and Summer Sunshine For those of you familiar with Seattle, you know all about our temperamental weather. Sunshine, clear skies and mid 70’s one moment, and then dark clouds, fat raindrops and temperatures in the mid-fifties within the blink of an eye. Today is one of those days. But summer … Continue reading

sinners & saints newsletter: may 3-9

May 4, 2010 Jesus, Cinco de Mayo, and the Concept of Family With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, we’ve decided to celebrate our Tuesday Ramen night starting at Lounjin as close as possible to 7pm, and then heading around the corner to Mexicana Ristorante, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant on 45th across from American Apparel. If … Continue reading

sinners & saints newsletter: april 19-25

April 20, 2010 What Is Your Sabbath? Last Sunday, we met for enchiladas, sangria, and sabbath. In our living room, we read Luke 6:1-11 together, and talked honestly about how we had learned, or not learned, to celebrate sabbath. On one hand, the idea of a ‘day off’ conjures images of pedicures, bike rides, lazing … Continue reading

Sinners and Saints Newsletter: February 21-28

February 22, 2010 BIG NEWS: Meeting Schedule Switch Sunday Night Dinner and Bible Study Weekly, 5-8pm, Klug house. Sunday Night Dinners have been wonderfully successful over the past few meetings, where we’ve had a chance to spend time together, eat tons of food, and start a cupcake tradition. Last night’s discussion gave us time to … Continue reading

Sinners and Saints Newsletter: February 14-20

Greetings! We were excited to kick off Sunday Night Dinners at our home this past week. The turnout was wonderful and we enjoyed good fellowship, great food and frosting and eating cupcakes. Join us again next week—Sunday Dinners are now a weekly event from 5-8, and we enjoyed having families join in the fun. As … Continue reading

Sinners and Saints: Newsletter January 18-23

If you’ve been wondering about the goings-on with Sinners and Saints, you can subscribe to our newsletter here. For now, I’ll include this week’s newsletter below. See you tomorrow night! ——————————————— Dear Friends, Today we remember and observe the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a man who started a great work and … Continue reading

church visits week 1: big box church

As Alan so eloquently noted on our other blog, as we are in the process of planting Sinners and Saints, visiting local churches on Sundays is our new hobby. Somehow, it has only been two Sundays since leaving Quest, and technically Sunday number one was spent at the Burke Museum with my dad. Sunday number … Continue reading

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