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sinners & saints newsletter: april 12-18

14 April 2010 Community Partnerships: Prayers With Action! I hope Spring is treating you all well today, I know the sunshine is calling our new puppy Eddy and I toward the great outdoors. Or at least toward the sidewalks of Wallingford. This week, I wanted to give you an update on our community partnerships. We … Continue reading

Strength in Weakness: Good Friday

Over the past week, a fellow blogger pastor and cartoonist at ASBO Jesus has been focusing on weakness. Weakness in people, weakness as strength when a bunch of weak people get together, the difference between outer strength and inner weakness. Good Friday is all about weakness. In the midst of his deepest struggles, Paul is … Continue reading

Sinners & Saints Newsletter: March 29 – April 4

March 31, 2010 Invitation to Easter It’s been in the news lately, but for those who haven’t heard, this Sunday is Easter. Interestingly, Easter is to the church world what Superbowl Sunday is to football fans. Some churches some give out cash, some give away cars, all kinds of craziness ensues in an attempt to … Continue reading

Sinners & Saints Newsletter: March 8-14

March 9, 2010 Food as Communion Last Thursday a group of us gathered in the basement of University Congregational Church to attend a volunteer training with University Street Ministries. As we listened to the volunteer coordinators share about Teen Feed, the largest part of which is serving nightly dinners to 13-24 year old homeless individuals … Continue reading

Forays into Luke’s Gospel

Over the past month or so, Sinners and Saints has been studying the book of Luke together. In launching this new community, I wanted to reinforce what I consider the main things: our identity as Christians, the meaning of our baptism, and what it means to live as a follower of Jesus. Luke digs deeply … Continue reading

connecting chamwino and seattle

Next Tuesday, I’ll step on board one of Boeing’s finest airplanes and begin two straight days of travel.  From San Francisco to Dubai, Dubai to Dar es Salaam, I’ll join Quest Elder Barbara Lundquist and head to Chamwino, Tanzania.  Having been to Tanzania a few times, and as the founder of Chamwino Connect, Barb is … Continue reading

where is the light for burma?

Remember 2007?  Buddhist monks peacefully protested in the streets of Rangoon, Burma (Myanmar).  As they walked or stood, in robes of crimson and saffron, they were arrested, beaten, shot, killed, silenced.  The international community was outraged, celebrities were contacted, and suddenly we were all sporting t-shirts and bracelets.  Protests took place here in the US, … Continue reading

losing to find

Mark 8:31-38 When I was very young, my father worked seasonally as a logger in rural Alaska.  He would leave for three months’ time, visiting once or twice before returning in the fall.  Dad went to provide a better life for us: the work was steady and the pay was higher.  Every time Dad left, … Continue reading

The Church & The World

One of my areas of oversight here at Quest has been the Global Presence ministry.  As we have sought to form partnerships, care well for our missions folks, and discern how to involve our little church in the world, a theology of Global Presence has emerged.  As I continue to share, educate, and invite collaboration … Continue reading

interior processing: a place in ministry?

There is so much going on in the world, and I’m posting about some interior processing that’s been on my heart and mind as I try to articulate for myself what it means to be a minister.  What it means for me to be a minister. I apologize for looking inward, when so often we … Continue reading

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