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i’m sorry i’m a christian

In the wake of Jennifer Knapp announcing a new album and coming out, there has been much chatter on the blogosphere. On her facebook page, Christians are posting support, and of course the ‘clobber passages’, as if sharing how hell is in store for all ‘homosexuals’ is really an example of Jesus’ love, grace, and … Continue reading

thought for the day

where is the light for burma?

Remember 2007?  Buddhist monks peacefully protested in the streets of Rangoon, Burma (Myanmar).  As they walked or stood, in robes of crimson and saffron, they were arrested, beaten, shot, killed, silenced.  The international community was outraged, celebrities were contacted, and suddenly we were all sporting t-shirts and bracelets.  Protests took place here in the US, … Continue reading

Solidarity with Suffering

Isaiah 50:4-9a To those who suffer, what words of comfort dare we offer? Do we know the “word that sustains the weary,” (v. 4)?  In the late 1990’s, besieged by circumstances unaccountably complex, my parents were faced with an impossible choice: choose which child you will keep.  Working class salaries, especially when work became harder … Continue reading

losing to find

Mark 8:31-38 When I was very young, my father worked seasonally as a logger in rural Alaska.  He would leave for three months’ time, visiting once or twice before returning in the fall.  Dad went to provide a better life for us: the work was steady and the pay was higher.  Every time Dad left, … Continue reading


James 3:13-18 Learning about the Kingdom of Heaven is disconcerting.  God’s view of success is the polar opposite of what we are taught to value.  In society, and in the church, the powerful are ambitious, look out for number one, and do whatever it takes to make a name for themselves.  Envy is encouraged in … Continue reading

tyranny of the tongue

James 3:1-12 In the early days of our church, a member felt it was time to move on and start attending elsewhere.  While this happens in every faith community, this individual chose to make their feelings known by emailing the entire membership a list of reasons for leaving.  How many of us in a moment … Continue reading

heart knowing

Mark 8:27-29 My husband and I started dating in November.  By Christmas, we considered our relationship serious.  In March he bought a ring, by April we were engaged, and in August we began our life as a married couple.  From the outside, our courtship seemed short.  “Are you sure?” we were asked again and again.  … Continue reading

voice of wisdom

Proverbs 1:20-33 Small children trust their parents’ wisdom.  What a shock when the teenager realizes Mom and Dad don’t know everything–even worse when the young adult begins to imagine they don’t know anything. How often in our Christian walk do we imagine ourselves mature, and thus stop listening for wisdom’s voice? “Do you know how … Continue reading

you are not alone

After four years in seminary together, you get pretty tight with some of your fellow pastors-to-be.  If you pass candidacy to receive an MDiv from Seattle University, you join a year long cohort of students, producing as a final project your personal theology.  It’s a celebration of your  call to ministry, your vision for the … Continue reading

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