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sinners & saints newsletter: august 16-22

August 17, 2010 Launching in The District The sun is shining today, but sitting here in the University Bookstore, I can tell you Fall is just around the corner. Students are stocking up on textbooks and UW gear, and later this week the rain and cool weather will return to Seattle. Here at Sinners & … Continue reading

sinners & saints newsletter: june 22-27

June 23, 2010 When Pride is a good thing. If you live in Seattle, you may have noticed signs and flags cropping up all around downtown. If you live on Capitol Hill, it’s clear that Pride week is here and rainbow flags, signs, and celebrations are taking place everywhere. This year’s festivities culminate in Sunday … Continue reading

sinners & saints newsletter: april 12-18

14 April 2010 Community Partnerships: Prayers With Action! I hope Spring is treating you all well today, I know the sunshine is calling our new puppy Eddy and I toward the great outdoors. Or at least toward the sidewalks of Wallingford. This week, I wanted to give you an update on our community partnerships. We … Continue reading

i’m sorry i’m a christian

In the wake of Jennifer Knapp announcing a new album and coming out, there has been much chatter on the blogosphere. On her facebook page, Christians are posting support, and of course the ‘clobber passages’, as if sharing how hell is in store for all ‘homosexuals’ is really an example of Jesus’ love, grace, and … Continue reading

sinners & saints newsletter: 4/5-4/11, 2010

Living the Resurrection It’s done. Easter is finished, the eggs have all been found, the sermons preached. After the Easter blitz, how do we continue celebrating and remembering the resurrection in our daily lives? How do we continue to live out hope in a world that is so often hopeless. As we try to figure … Continue reading

Sinners & Saints Newsletter: March 14-21, 2010

March 16, 2010 Dear Friends, After all the hours of work, watching Alan throw his laptop across the room a few times, and a content writing marathon this past weekend, the website is here! Check out http://www.sinnersandsaintschurch.com, pass it along to you friends and neighbors, and enjoy. As you’ll see, we are still working on … Continue reading

connecting chamwino and seattle

Next Tuesday, I’ll step on board one of Boeing’s finest airplanes and begin two straight days of travel.  From San Francisco to Dubai, Dubai to Dar es Salaam, I’ll join Quest Elder Barbara Lundquist and head to Chamwino, Tanzania.  Having been to Tanzania a few times, and as the founder of Chamwino Connect, Barb is … Continue reading

where is the light for burma?

Remember 2007?  Buddhist monks peacefully protested in the streets of Rangoon, Burma (Myanmar).  As they walked or stood, in robes of crimson and saffron, they were arrested, beaten, shot, killed, silenced.  The international community was outraged, celebrities were contacted, and suddenly we were all sporting t-shirts and bracelets.  Protests took place here in the US, … Continue reading

Solidarity with Suffering

Isaiah 50:4-9a To those who suffer, what words of comfort dare we offer? Do we know the “word that sustains the weary,” (v. 4)?  In the late 1990’s, besieged by circumstances unaccountably complex, my parents were faced with an impossible choice: choose which child you will keep.  Working class salaries, especially when work became harder … Continue reading

losing to find

Mark 8:31-38 When I was very young, my father worked seasonally as a logger in rural Alaska.  He would leave for three months’ time, visiting once or twice before returning in the fall.  Dad went to provide a better life for us: the work was steady and the pay was higher.  Every time Dad left, … Continue reading

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