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call and … response?

Invite friends out for a movie night, and chances are you’ll get a good turnout.  People like movies, sitting back and being entertained, and the chance to hang out with a few friends.  For those enterprising single folks out there, its also a nice way to get to know someone new, or for the risk-takers, … Continue reading

pouring one out for romero

A church that suffers no persecution but enjoys the privileges and support of the things of the earth—beware!—is not the true church of Jesus Christ. Archbishop Oscar Romero, March 11,1979 Today is the anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero.  I’ll confess that before I went to Catholic School, I had no idea who … Continue reading

down with the man

Today a friend asked what I thought about the idea out there in the Evangelical blog-o-sphere regarding the lack of men in the church.  Specifically, a number of [male] pastors are stating the need to focus on recruiting more men in church leadership, because men are in the minority in their congregations and clearly if … Continue reading

what is the simple way?

tonight, christian author/activist shane claiborne of the faith community ‘the simple way’ is sharing for a special ‘learning conversation’ here at quest. having read ‘Jesus for President‘, i’m curious about what he’ll have to say. I’m also feeling a bit convicted already. in his latest book, claiborne postulates that living out the good news might … Continue reading

what i like to talk about

Give me half a chance, and I’ll talk your ear off.  My opinons about the best coffee in town, atonement theologies, ideas about dismantling institutional and social racism in our churches and societies, education policies, how to cook the perfect palak paneer at home, whining about the closure of the only restaurant in seattle that … Continue reading

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