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“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

Alan and I watched the Hangover 2 last night. In the great snowstorm of 2012 after two days of ‘working from home’ together, we had to find some way to pass the time. And while the movie itself was terrible, it reminded Alan of his self-proclaimed favorite quote of all time, spoken by the man … Continue reading

sinners & saints newsletter: september 14

September 14, 2010 Greetings Sinners & Saints members and Alumni! Over the past nine months together, we have learned many things about churchplanting, community, and each other. While some of you have moved on, I wanted you to know what a great blessing each of you have been in the history of the Sinners & … Continue reading

Strength in Weakness: Good Friday

Over the past week, a fellow blogger pastor and cartoonist at ASBO Jesus has been focusing on weakness. Weakness in people, weakness as strength when a bunch of weak people get together, the difference between outer strength and inner weakness. Good Friday is all about weakness. In the midst of his deepest struggles, Paul is … Continue reading

Going Rogue?

Being a churchplanter is a strange thing in itself. Standing in line at a coffeehouse in Seattle, imagine striking up a conversation with your barista, who asks, “what do you do for work?” I answer, “I’m a minister,” enough to get a double take in itself even before adding the kicker, “and I’m starting a … Continue reading

Sinners & Saints Newsletter: March 14-21, 2010

March 16, 2010 Dear Friends, After all the hours of work, watching Alan throw his laptop across the room a few times, and a content writing marathon this past weekend, the website is here! Check out http://www.sinnersandsaintschurch.com, pass it along to you friends and neighbors, and enjoy. As you’ll see, we are still working on … Continue reading

Sinners & Saints Newsletter: March 8-14

March 9, 2010 Food as Communion Last Thursday a group of us gathered in the basement of University Congregational Church to attend a volunteer training with University Street Ministries. As we listened to the volunteer coordinators share about Teen Feed, the largest part of which is serving nightly dinners to 13-24 year old homeless individuals … Continue reading

Sinners & Saints Newsletter: March 1-7

Volunteer Training Thursday from 5-6:30! We’re kicking off our involvement in the University District and getting to know our neighbors this Thursday night. Join us for Volunteer Training with University Street Ministries on Thursday from 5-6:30 at University Congregational Church. UCC is located at 45th and 16th, click here for parking info. I’ve been really … Continue reading

lenten community

Ash Wednesday. Today we remember that we die. Following what may for some have been a night of excess, Ash Wednesday dawns in Christendom a day of stark contrast to the Mardi Gras heights of Fat Tuesday. We gather in groups, in darkened sanctuaries near dawn or dusk, quietly marking the sign of our death … Continue reading

Thanks For Your Prayers

Dear Friends, Thank you for praying for us, we continue to covet your prayers as we take some time to process in community with a few trusted friends. We so greatly appreciate the support and care we have received from the denomination during this time. Peace to you, Leah

Sinners and Saints Newsletter: Jan 31 – Feb 6

After a week in Denver and a renovation party at U-Studios, I hope you’re as excited as I am to continue our journey through the book of Luke. We will be meeting Tuesday at Lounjin at 7:00 pm. Join us for cake and conversation, even if you haven’t made it out before. Also, we’ll be … Continue reading

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