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After we were welcomed to Chamwino by St. Peter’s, I accompanied Quest Elder Barbara Lundquist; Dr. Kati Szego, a former pupil of Barb’s and current professor of Music at Memorial University in Canada; Karl Dreschler, a Seattlite who will be living for a year in Chamwino while working on behalf of Chamwino Connect; Lewis Kashiri, … Continue reading

welcome to chamwino

Just over two weeks ago, I made my way out of the airport in Dar es Salaam and into the waiting arms of Barbara Lundquist and a local friend, Zach Gerald. Pitching my trusty backpack and a bag of donated clothes into the back of our vehicle, we headed for Prof. Mitch Strumpf’s house and … Continue reading

stopover in dubai

After 18+ hours of travel, I arrived in Dubai a few hours ago for a 12 hour layover and decided to attempt pictures and a blog post. While it’s considered overnight here, thankfully I’m still enough on Seattle time to process it more like a day spent walking around the airport. There were a few … Continue reading

connecting chamwino and seattle

Next Tuesday, I’ll step on board one of Boeing’s finest airplanes and begin two straight days of travel.  From San Francisco to Dubai, Dubai to Dar es Salaam, I’ll join Quest Elder Barbara Lundquist and head to Chamwino, Tanzania.  Having been to Tanzania a few times, and as the founder of Chamwino Connect, Barb is … Continue reading

where is the light for burma?

Remember 2007?  Buddhist monks peacefully protested in the streets of Rangoon, Burma (Myanmar).  As they walked or stood, in robes of crimson and saffron, they were arrested, beaten, shot, killed, silenced.  The international community was outraged, celebrities were contacted, and suddenly we were all sporting t-shirts and bracelets.  Protests took place here in the US, … Continue reading

The Church & The World

One of my areas of oversight here at Quest has been the Global Presence ministry.  As we have sought to form partnerships, care well for our missions folks, and discern how to involve our little church in the world, a theology of Global Presence has emerged.  As I continue to share, educate, and invite collaboration … Continue reading

what is it about church?

I was in the Parent’s Room at Quest this morning, chatting with a family from Tanzania who have come to the U.S. to study.  As their two and a half year old son played, the father marveled at how many people were sitting in service.  He shared of his experience performing concerts at churches around … Continue reading

call and … response?

Invite friends out for a movie night, and chances are you’ll get a good turnout.  People like movies, sitting back and being entertained, and the chance to hang out with a few friends.  For those enterprising single folks out there, its also a nice way to get to know someone new, or for the risk-takers, … Continue reading

raging against the machine

“I can’t stand your religious meetings. I’m fed up with your conferences and conventions. I want nothing to do with your religion projects, your pretentious slogans and goals. I’m sick of your fund-raising schemes, your public relations and image making. I’ve had all I can take of your noisy ego-music. When was the last time … Continue reading

how a goat can change a life

In the face of global poverty, famine, catastrophe, and war, it’s easy to think one person or one church can’t make a difference.  Reading this story today reminded me that we can. This year’s college graduates owe their success to many factors, from hectoring parents to cherished remedies for hangovers. But one of the most … Continue reading

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