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sinners & saints newsletter: may 3-9

May 4, 2010 Jesus, Cinco de Mayo, and the Concept of Family With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, we’ve decided to celebrate our Tuesday Ramen night starting at Lounjin as close as possible to 7pm, and then heading around the corner to Mexicana Ristorante, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant on 45th across from American Apparel. If … Continue reading

sinners & saints newsletter: april 12-18

14 April 2010 Community Partnerships: Prayers With Action! I hope Spring is treating you all well today, I know the sunshine is calling our new puppy Eddy and I toward the great outdoors. Or at least toward the sidewalks of Wallingford. This week, I wanted to give you an update on our community partnerships. We … Continue reading

sinners & saints newsletter: 4/5-4/11, 2010

Living the Resurrection It’s done. Easter is finished, the eggs have all been found, the sermons preached. After the Easter blitz, how do we continue celebrating and remembering the resurrection in our daily lives? How do we continue to live out hope in a world that is so often hopeless. As we try to figure … Continue reading

A Recipe for World Peace

Last night we met for our second plunge into Luke’s Gospel.  Sinners and Saints is off to a great start.  We’ve already covered social revolution, a pregnant virgin, a post-menopausal woman’s miraculous conception (with her husband), angelic visitations, being oppressed vs. being the oppressor…it’s getting real, folks. Another group activity we do well: eating.  We’ve … Continue reading

getting down to business

After having my own office, along with a convenient regular coffee hangout for the past zillion years at Q, it’s been interesting exploring new alternate office spaces. This morning, I chose a local coffee house for a meeting and to spend some time working on the agenda for Friday’s informational churchplanting meeting at Lounjin, from … Continue reading

beans and rice

I’m a creative person. I love trying new things, experimenting, and just creating.  I try to carry this over into the practical realm by channeling my creativity into cooking.  This was somewhat of a shock to Alan in our early days of marriage, as I don’t often use recipes, and if I do, I tend … Continue reading

like coffee for seattle

Coffee in Seattle is as ubiquitous as cheesesteaks in Philly, or beans in Boston. We’re notorious for our snobbish obsession with the perfect $4.00 (or more!) espresso drink, and claim to know the difference, by aroma and taste, between a Kenyan sumatra and a nice varietal from El Salvador. As one firmly entrenched in the … Continue reading

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