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“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

Alan and I watched the Hangover 2 last night. In the great snowstorm of 2012 after two days of ‘working from home’ together, we had to find some way to pass the time. And while the movie itself was terrible, it reminded Alan of his self-proclaimed favorite quote of all time, spoken by the man … Continue reading

about that broken pipe

Now that we’ve had a little space to enjoy functional plumbing, we’re ready to talk about the event referred to in the Klug household as ‘poop-a-palooza 2010’. Most of you heard about the broken sewer pipe in the front yard, but unless you’ve dug around in your own feces, it’s hard to appreciate the sheer … Continue reading

A Day in Eddy’s Diary

I am Eddy. If you haven’t heard, I am now in charge of Alan and Leah’s house in Seattle. Seattle is so much better than Yakima. In Eastern Washington, I had cows and sheeps to sniff, but I didn’t like the sheeps. The sheeps chased the Eddy and made him scared. Here, there are no … Continue reading

Life With Eddy

Everyone, meet Eddy. Eddy, meet everyone. Monday, Alan and I drove to Yakima to meet a few Great Danes. After our last experience trying to adopt a dog, we were trying not to get our hopes up. We contacted the rescue agency, filled out an application, secured the first appointment of the day, and were … Continue reading

photos around seattle

Since Alan acquired the camera to end all cameras, I’ve inherited his old point and shoot Canon Powershot SD600. Lil’ C (Little Canon), as I like to call it, is small enough to fit into my purse, and powerful enough to take some decent shots. Here are a few of my walking around shots with … Continue reading

family additions of the canine variety

Sometimes, it seems like you just can’t catch a break. Over the past few months, Alan and I have thought about rescuing a dog. In doing some research we found that Great Danes are being abandoned in our area at an alarming rate. Since I love Great Danes, and am a sucker for sad doggie … Continue reading

Netflix and Relationships: An Exercise in Compromise

Sometimes, Alan and I decide it’s time to spend some quality time together. Doing something other than sitting on the couch staring at our respective laptops and IM’ing each other from the next cushion over. If we’re feeling really wild and crazy, maybe on a Friday night, we used to pull on our shoes and … Continue reading

Powertools, Marriage, and Fencing the Backyard

These past few months have been tough at the Klug house. As we continue prayerfully sorting out what it means to churchplant, how to faithfully serve our community and neighborhood, and what it means to be in relationship with each other, sometimes the best thing is for the Alan and I to spend some time … Continue reading

life after the 9-5

It’s been all of four workdays since my last day at Quest, but in every conversation I get the same question: what are you doing with all your free time? Most people seem to be picturing a post work reality kind of like this: In a perfect world, a beach in Hawaii would be wonderful. … Continue reading

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