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sinners & saints newsletter: july 26-august 1

29 July 2010

Pilgrim Progress

Alan and I arrived back in Seattle last night, following a week in Massachusetts for a family wedding. After the wedding weekend in the southeastern part of the state, we traveled through Plymouth, Mass. on our way back to Boston. Current history does not always look kindly on the Pilgrims. While they fled their own country to escape

The Plymouth Rock at Plymouth.

persecution and practice their religion, somewhere along the way they were able to justify exploiting others, taking land that didn’t belong to them, and ironically, religious intolerance. At the same time, I felt a certain resonance with their struggle toward a new beginning in a strange land. Sometimes churchplanting feels a lot like starting over in a new world.

You can’t return to the comfortable and familiar, and all the excitement about a new adventure starts to fade before the ‘new’ is established enough to feel like home. Some days, you dream of a time where everything was easier,

Many of the pilgrims are buried at Burial Hill, in Plymouth.

and the past you left is thought of as idyllic. Legend tells us the call of the familiar was so strong for Cortez’ men in Mexico, he ordered the ships burned so that they would have no choice but to face forward. May we continue to face forward, while remembering the mistakes in the past so they might not be repeated.

God grant us the strength, courage, and grace to continue. May we join with those already here, and together build something new, something that brings glory to your Name. Amen.

The oldest continuous pilgrim-founded congregation in Plymouth.

Curious about Sinners & Saints? Join us for any of our summer activities, Sundays for dinner and Luke study, or chat with Pastor Leah over coffee. Just send us an email at connect@sinnersandsaintschurch.com

Peace to you this week,
Pastor Leah




Since March, all the Sinners & Saints folks have been volunteering at the University District Food Bank on a regular basis. Thursday nights have been a great time to connect with each other, and our local community. While most weeks we have had 3-5 people working together, we’re planning an all-church Thursday with as many folks as possible volunteering on the same date, to work together and donate some special items through a partnership with Trader Joe’s. Join us from 5-8 on Thursday, July 29th, TONIGHT. To RSVP via email: connect@sinnersandsaintschurch.com

If you are a Sinners & Saints regular, please consider making a donation to our Food Bank Partnership Night. While we are asking Trader Joe’s to donate food items, critical items such as feminine products, toothbrushes and toothpaste, soaps, shampoos, and baby wipes are always needed. To donate to this project, checks can be made out to ‘Sinners and Saints Church’, with ‘Food Bank Partnership’ in the subject line. Email us at connect@sinnersandsaintschurch.com for our snail mail address, or info on how to set up an electronic transfer. Regular support and donations can also be sent to this address, and tax-deductible receipts are available from our finance team. Thank you for partnering with us!

Join us on Thursday nights as we hang out with our neighbors, sort food, laugh, bag groceries, and have a good time. Up to 5 volunteers per week, send an email to connect@sinnersandsaintschurch.com to sign up or for more info!

  • 7/29: All Church Volunteers!
  • 8/5: _____________ , _______________ , ______________
  • 8/12: _____________ , _______________ , ______________

    We’re setting the date for our first-ever churchwide retreat for August 27-29. Note the date change! Let me know if you can make those dates, and if you’d like to be part of the planning committee!


    This summer, Ramen Night is transitioning from once-a-week Tuesday night event to once-a-month. The first Tuesday of the month still means a bowl of steaming ramen at Lounjin, but other Tuesdays will be devoted to fun activities planned by church folks. If you’d like to join in planning fun events, casual outings like picnics at Gasworks, kayaking on Lake Union, or dinner at Paseo’s near Golden Gardens, let me know! email: connect@sinnersandsaintschurch.com

      SUNDAY DINNER POTLUCK: 5-7:30 pm

    Join us for Sunday Dinner and Bible Study at Alan and Leah’s home from 5-7:30. The meal sign-up is below, email me if you’d like to bring something to share. connect@sinnersandsaintschurch.com to sign up or for more info!

      This Sunday, 8/1: Potluck Night!

    With great weather, what could be nicer than enjoying a plate of lasagna, garlic bread, and salad out on the back deck? Join us for Sunday dinner from 5-7:30 this week. Sign-up for the potluck by choosing an item and shooting an email to connect@sinnersandsaintschurch.com

    Main Dish: ________________
    Veggies: _____________________
    Salad: _______________________
    Bread: ______________________
    Fruit or Dessert: ________________
    Drinks: _____________
    Something Special:__________

    See you Sunday!



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