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A Day in Eddy’s Diary

Eddy, May 2010

I am Eddy. If you haven’t heard, I am now in charge of Alan and Leah’s house in Seattle. Seattle is so much better than Yakima. In Eastern Washington, I had cows and sheeps to sniff, but I didn’t like the sheeps. The sheeps chased the Eddy and made him scared. Here, there are no big dogs to beat up the Eddy, and the Alan and the Leah are easy to control. I licks their faces, and they laugh. I am so cute, they give me lots of yummy food, and sometimes they put people food in my bowl.

Eddy loves people food. If Eddy keeps training these peoples, they will give me all their bacons. Bacons are my favorite. Bacon. Nom, nom, nom, bacon. I have trained the Alan and the Leah to take the Eddy on walks. Eddy loves to sniffs. Sometimes, Eddy sniffs the squirrels and says ‘squirrels’ and pulls really hard on the harness. These peoples aren’t trained right. They don’t know how to let Eddy get the squirrels. They need to let the Eddy chase the squirrels. And the bikes. And maybe the strollers. The strollers smells funny and makes noises.

Eddy's Couch

Eddy has also trained his peoples to give him one of the couches. The Alan and the Leah try to make Eddy share the couch, but Eddy shows them. Eddy knows the people are soft and squishy, and so Eddy just jumps on the people laps. The peoples have been trained to keep the Eddy comfortable. Eddy is a smart puppy. Soon, he will have the people trained to give him the big bed and they can sleep in the crate. Just wait, Eddy will show you. Eddy will get the big bed, and all the bacons.



One thought on “A Day in Eddy’s Diary

  1. Dakota and Sugar are looking forward to a playdate with you, Eddy. Please don’t teach Dakota your couch trick 🙂

    Posted by pjchris | May 20, 2010, 4:01 pm

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