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sinners & saints newsletter: may 3-9

May 4, 2010

Jesus, Cinco de Mayo, and the Concept of Family

With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, we’ve decided to celebrate our Tuesday Ramen night starting at Lounjin as close as possible to 7pm, and then heading around the corner to Mexicana Ristorante, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant on 45th across from American Apparel. If you’d like to join us for the festivities, stop on by!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve also been studying the concept of community Jesus describes in Luke chapter 6. While we’re still a small and simple gathering, we’ve been learning what it means to be together in the same space, share food at our weekly potlucks, and pitch in when folks need a hand moving or cleaning up poo. The community Jesus speaks of is outrageously welcoming, breaks all kinds of social barriers, and sounds like a great party.

What does it mean for us, in our context, to be that kind of community? We’re not sure, but in our attempts to figure it out, we’re talking openly about how issues of power and privilege impact us and the world around us. The words white privilege, heterosexual privilege, and socioeconomic privilege are on the table. In trying to learn to be more like Jesus, we are realizing we also need to learn more about who we are, and what each of us has to bring to the group. In your life today, how is Jesus calling you to be more Christ like in your definition of community? In who you include and exclude?

Join us tonight for our Cinco de Mayo gathering (details below), Thursday at the University District Food Bank, or Sunday for our dinner and Bible Study gathering. We would love to have you. Or, if you’d like to hear more about Sinners and Saints over coffee, I’m around at local coffeeshops during the week.

Peace to you,
Pastor Leah

Join us on Thursday nights as we hang out with our neighbors, sort food, laugh, bag groceries, and have a good time. Up to 5 volunteers per week, send an email to connect@sinnersandsaintschurch.com to sign up or for more info!

  • 5/6: Leah,
      This Could be YOU!

    , __________ ,__________

  • 5/13: Leah, ___________ , __________ ,__________
  • 5/20: Leah, ________, _______, _______
    • Tuesday Night Cuatro de Mayo

    TONIGHT we’re meeting at Lounjin at 7pm, and walking around the corner to Mexicana Ristorante. Wanna join us? Shoot me a text or email, or meet at Lounjin at 7!



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