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sinners & saints newsletter: april 19-25

April 20, 2010

What Is Your Sabbath?

Last Sunday, we met for enchiladas, sangria, and sabbath. In our living room, we read Luke 6:1-11 together, and talked honestly about how we had learned, or not learned, to celebrate sabbath. On one hand, the idea of a ‘day off’ conjures images of pedicures, bike rides, lazing in front of the television and chilling out. On the other hand, shouldn’t there be something more, some sort of spiritual renewal and revitalization connected with sabbath? Those raised in the church had always been told attending or serving at a church was sabbath. At the end of the discussion, we all wondered what we should do, or what we were already doing to develop a regular rhythm of Sabbath in our own lives.

Jesus gave us an example of what Sabbath should bring: the hope and fulfillment of goodness and life in the world (Luke 6:9). How can we bring those things into our own practice? Tomorrow, we will be launching a new page on the Sinners and Saints website geared toward our rhythm of Sabbath, both daily and weekly. Stay tuned, and join us by sharing your daily/weekly/regular practice of sabbath. This Sunday, join us for a meal and more of Luke’s gospel as we continue figuring out what it means to practice Sabbath together.

Pastor Leah

Join us on Thursday nights as we hang out with our neighbors, sort food, laugh, bag groceries, and have a good time. Up to 5 volunteers per week, send an email to connect@sinnersandsaintschurch.com to sign up or for more info!

  • 4/22: Alan, Leah, 2 Guests
  • 4/29: Leah, ___________ , __________ ,__________
  • 5/6: Leah, ___________ , __________ ,__________
  • 5/13: Leah, ___________ , __________ ,__________

    Interested in getting involved in the U-District longer term? Hamilton International Middle School has tutoring slots available for during and after school activities. Some areas of interest: Language Arts, Science, Math, Mandarin Langauge, Japanese Language, Spanish Language, Korean Language, Video Games (Hawk Arcade), Jazz Band. connect@sinnersandsaintschurch.com for more information.
    ROOTS Youth Homeless Shelter is looking for volunteers to launch a Wednesday Night shelter night at Vineyard Church. Interested in Evening, Morning, or Overnight volunteering with a great group of youth, contact connect@sinnersandsaintschurch.com

  • 4/20: Ramen Night, 7-9pm, Lounjin on the Ave
  • 4/22: U-District Food Bank, 5-8pm
  • 4/24: ROPES Homelessness Training, RSVP to connect@sinnersandsaintschurch.com by 4/22 to secure a place
  • 4/25: Sunday Dinner & Luke Study, Leah and Alan’s House, 5-7:30pm
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