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sinners & saints newsletter: april 12-18

14 April 2010

Community Partnerships: Prayers With Action!
I hope Spring is treating you all well today, I know the sunshine is calling our new puppy Eddy and I toward the great outdoors. Or at least toward the sidewalks of Wallingford. This week, I wanted to give you an update on our community partnerships. We are planting Sinners and Saints with the not-so-radical intention of living out our faith in our lives and neighborhoods. For the last few weeks, we have been hanging out with the awesome folks at the University District Food Bank, and plan on being there every Thursday. Earlier this week, I met with the volunteer coordinator at Hamilton International Middle School in Wallingford, and learned that a few extra hands could be well utilized. On Friday, I’m meeting with one of the coordinators of ROOTS youth shelter in the U-District, and learning how we might partner with them. Why three groups? Why aren’t we all doing the same thing?

Hamilton International Middle School, for this year, at Lincoln High School.

Volunteering is one thing, partnership another. As a community we’re trying to build long-term partnerships, actual relationships within our community so we can learn and live together. Volunteering once doing something you aren’t good at, don’t like, or are doing out of guilt won’t work. Three different partnerships gives us the chance to allow us to explore together what we’re good at, what we enjoy, and how each person can contribute. Some folks are already involved in great causes around the city, some are looking for a way to get involved. For now, we’re commissioning everyone to get out into the neighborhood, meet new folks, and enjoy life. As you go throughout your week, please also remember to hold our neighborhood in prayer, the teachers, students, homeless, privileged, hungry, overfed, marginalized and all of us at Sinners and Saints. We all need God’s grace for our lives.

If you’re interested in joining in, let us know. We’d love to have you.

Pastor Leah

Okay team, we need a few extra hands for Sunday Dinner this week. Here’s the sign up:

  • Main Dish:
  • Salad/Veggie:
  • Bread: Christie E.
  • Dessert:

  • U-DIST FOOD BANK ROTATION: Thursday Evenings, 5-8pm. University Christian Church

  • 4/15: Han-Meh, Jason, Leah, (room for 1 more)
  • 4/22: Alan, 2 Guests, Leah?
  • 4/29: Room for Volunteers!
  • We’ve noticed the U-Dist food bank has an ongoing canned fruit shortage. If you can, bring a can or two of fruit with you on Sunday, and we’ll talk about ways we might be able to help out with this need.

    Got some spare time during the day, or after school? Hamilton (in Wallingford) is looking for great folks with all kinds of skills: musicians, Japanese language speakers, video game players, Korean language speakers, mentors, folks able to help with general subjects at after-school homework club. We’ll have more details and applications on Sunday, let me know if you’re interested and we can arrange a group orientation to learn more. Details: connect@sinnersandsaintschurch.com


  • 4/18-Sunday Dinner: Leah & Alan’s place, 5-7:30
  • 4/20-Ramen Night!: Lounjin, 7-9pm
  • 4/22-U-District Food Bank: University Christian Church, 5-8pm
  • 4/24-Saturday ROPES Youth Homeless Training: 1:30-4:30pm, U-District. connect@sinnersandsaintschurch.com for details
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