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sinners & saints newsletter: 4/5-4/11, 2010

Living the Resurrection

It’s done. Easter is finished, the eggs have all been found, the sermons preached. After the Easter blitz, how do we continue celebrating and remembering the resurrection in our daily lives? How do we continue to live out hope in a world that is so often hopeless. As we try to figure out how to live as people of the resurrection, we’re starting an ongoing volunteer time at the University District Food Bank. They’re a great organization in our local community, and Alan and I were able to volunteer on Maundy Thursday. We spent a few hours bagging up groceries, and chatting with folks there for a weekly visit. Families, singles, old and young, babies and teenagers, a cross-section of the neighborhood walked through the aisles and were helped out by a number of amazing volunteers from all over the place.

We’ll be asking the S&S community to sign up for a Thursday. There’s need for a few of us to go each week, which should work out to about once a month. If you’re down for this Thursday, or a future Thursday, send me an email. I’ll get a rotation going and send it along to those who are interested, along with a reminder the week of. Getting to meet folks, help out a little, and know our neighborhood was a blessing to Alan and myself. It will be great to hear your stories as we all get involved.

Peace to you this week. Remember: we are the people of the resurrection, the people of life and love!

Pastor Leah

Lounjin, at 4527 University Way, our RAMEN NIGHT location!

    Upcoming Events:

  • Ramen Night, Tuesday, 4/6: 7-9pm, Lounjin
  • U-District Food Bank, Thursday 4/8: 5-8 pm. email connect@sinnersandsaintschurch.com for details.
  • Sunday Night Dinner, Sunday, 4/11: 5-7:30pm. email connect@sinnersandsaintschurch.com for directions/details/RSVP.
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