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Powertools, Marriage, and Fencing the Backyard

These past few months have been tough at the Klug house. As we continue prayerfully sorting out what it means to churchplant, how to faithfully serve our community and neighborhood, and what it means to be in relationship with each other, sometimes the best thing is for the Alan and I to spend some time working together. Yesterday we arrived home at almost the same time, and he shared some feedback with me about a writing project I have been trying to finish. Alan encouraged me to take it to the next level, a good encouragement, but I was emotionally exhausted at the time. We, if ‘we’ means Alan, have been working on fencing the back yard for quite some time and it looked like yesterday’s decent weather would be an opportunity to finish the project. He’s planned this project from the beginning and as an engineer had it worked out to the board how much wood we would need, what the fence should look like, etc. He’s amazing like that. So last night Alan suggested we work outside for awhile, and offered me the power drill as an incentive. I mean, who doesn’t like using power tools? Growing up in a family like mine, a cordless drill is practically a birthright.

Last night, we measured, cut wood, drilled (and sometimes, re-drilled) planks into place.

The new gate leading into the backyard. Note the extra fencing on the right to give us a little room between the garage and the gate. On the right, the deck railing has been raised a good six inches or so to give us a six foot total fence height in the yard.

As we worked together, I felt the stress, emotions, and tension of the day melting away. Those things had not disappeared, but they were less important. It was fun to see a project coming to completion, to work together and enjoy the visible fruits of our–okay, mostly Alan’s–handiwork right in front of us. So often, we work hard and never seem to see the end of something. Once in a while, I love a project with a tangible result.

The back fence view. Previously a moldy white picket fence about four feet high, now it's a sturdy pressure-treated six feet of fencing. We also took out the overgrown bushes and left this beautiful young flowering tree.

Alan left access to the concrete path on the side of the house. The right is bordered by a four feet high retaining wall topped with wire and metal fencing covered in ivy. In front, a narrow fence closes the gap at the front of our house. Note the beautiful boards on the right, securely screwed into place by yours truly. 🙂

View of the backyard. We're thinking of taking out the trees on the left, and Alan has been working hard on leveling the ground as you can see by the dirt sections. At our Home Depot date on Saturday--yeah, we're that kind of wild and crazy--we price checked new sod. In all likelihood, we will wind up taking out the grass/moss/weed/evil morning glory blend that is the backyard, leveling it, and replacing it all.

For a finishing touch, each of the posts was capped with a copper topped cedar post end. This will keep the rain from rotting out the posts Alan so carefully installed. Interestingly, you attach these bad girls with glue. I was wondering how we were going to screw them to the post with the copper top.

The gate latch. Installed at an almost 6 foot height, I have to reach above my head to open the gate. Height in the Klug family is a bit of an extreme. At a couple points in our fence building adventure, Alan would hand me some wood and tell me to just go put it up on the top of the fence. One problem: I was looking UP at the boards, and couldn't tell if they were quite high enough to be level, while he could look straight at them. There was a bit of readjustment...

A fun evening of sawdust covered adventure. And Alan promised if we wind up removing any trees, I get to cut them down. My family is so proud. Thanks to the hubby for a fun evening together!



5 thoughts on “Powertools, Marriage, and Fencing the Backyard

  1. How awesome it is to have husbands who know just what to do to make up for a stressful day. 🙂

    Posted by Rebecca | March 2, 2010, 8:41 pm
  2. this is delightful 🙂

    Posted by gyenyame | March 2, 2010, 10:17 pm
  3. @rebecca, yeah, it’s the best having people in your life who know you well enough to know what works. 🙂
    @ian, thanks! hope you’re not working as hard and enjoying life!

    Posted by leahklug | March 3, 2010, 6:07 pm
  4. Didn’t there used to be an ugly retaining wall by the back fence? Or am I making that up?

    Lots of room for the Klug “kids” (of the 2- or 4-legged variety)!

    Posted by Aaron | March 8, 2010, 12:02 am
  5. aaron: yeah, you can see the side retaining wall in the picture of the fence and the yard, with the visible dirt patches. it’s on the left, the slightly green and mossy concrete. our neighbor fixed up the fence so it’s as nice as possible, since he’s put his house up for sale. still a retaining wall, just not all covered with nasty bushes on the top, so more light gets in.

    we’re meeting a potential 4-legged ‘kid’ on tuesday…we’ll see! hope you and the family are well. the little one is not so little any more!

    Posted by leahklug | March 8, 2010, 6:31 am

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