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Sinners and Saints Newsletter: February 21-28

February 22, 2010

BIG NEWS: Meeting Schedule Switch

Sunday Night Dinner and Bible Study Weekly, 5-8pm, Klug house.

Sunday Night Dinners have been wonderfully successful over the past few meetings, where we’ve had a chance to spend time together, eat tons of food, and start a cupcake tradition. Last night’s discussion gave us time to plan our first serving opportunity (See below for RSVP & information), talk about the future, and make some decisions about our Sunday & Tuesday meetings. With the majority of the group able to make it out for Sunday nights, we’ll be switching up the meeting formats. Sinners and Saints will be meeting Sunday nights at 5pm for dinner and Bible study, which will be our main weekly gathering. This will also give us the chance to incorporate a worship night, and get us in a weekly Sunday rhythm. For now, we’ll continue meeting at our house, and are welcome to move into U-Studios when we grow out of the house.

Tuesday nights will be more of a hang-out-and-eat-ramen fellowship where we’ll be able to enjoy Jin’s amazing wisdom and Joanie’s unparalleled ramen-osity. (Insert Boo to Samurai Noodles here)

Diving into the U-District

As a community, one of our core values is living out our faith in our daily lives and neighborhood. We will be volunteering with University Street Ministries, and attending a volunteer training together THURSDAY, MARCH 4th, from 5-6:30 pm at University Congregational Church. I need an RSVP number by this Thursday to get to the coordinator. Please let me know if you can make it, and I’ll email them the count. Following the training, we’ll be working as a group in a ‘deep cleaning’ experience. Grab your yellow rubber kitchen gloves, and get excited! We’ll be cleaning a local church kitchen used for Teen Feed to give us a chance to partner with the ministry and get to know more about what they’re doing in our neighborhood. To check them out online, visit them at http://www.teenfeed.org/default.aspx

Calling all Cooks

As we make the move to considering Sunday nights as our primary meeting, we’ll continue having dinner together. I’d like to start a rotating Sunday potluck so that each week, someone can sign up to bring main dish (or split between two folks if we’d like), salad/side dish, and dessert. No one person has to bring it all, and that way we can rotate around. To make it easier for whoever is cooking, let’s continue RSVP’ing to me for now, either on Facebook or email as much as possible. Alan and I will continue to provide all the dishes/drinks we need, and will take turns in the rotation. If you’re interested in helping with next week, email me and let me know.

Tell Your Friends!

As we continue in our call to be the church together, I’d like to ask you to share with your friends, communities and acquaintances about Sinners and Saints. We need to get creative in inviting people to join us, and growing the church together. Feel free to invite folks for Sunday night dinner, Tuesday ramen night, or for one of our neighborhood involvement activities.

As always, thanks for your partnership in ministry. While we growing and learning as a church, I have been so encouraged by all of your willingness to stand alongside this new community and walk together. I pray that your own faith and life will be changed as we follow where God leads us all.

Peace to you,
Pastor Leah
Just one of the pastors of Sinners and Saints
Leah McCann Klug
e: leah@sinnersandsaints.com | facebook: http://www.facebook.com/leahklug



One thought on “Sinners and Saints Newsletter: February 21-28

  1. p.s. no offense to samurai noodles, i’m sure you’re great folks. we just happen to have a strong loyalty to lounjin’s ramen and feel that it beats all other ramen. all the best.

    Posted by leahklug | February 23, 2010, 3:26 am

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