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church visit #5 – our own!

While chronicling church visits has encompassed all of my blogging bandwidth lately, I’ve mercifully spared everyone visit #3 – Multi-Site Visit. Unwittingly, we visited a prosperity gospel church that cold Sunday after Christmas, ending the visit early when we walked out during the sermon. Hey, it happens.

Visit #4 brought us (theologically) close to home, visiting a Lutheran church with a strong heart and active life for where the gospel meets reality through practicing social justice as a community. While they do tons of great work we would love to partner with, the actual worship service itself may not have changed for at least 50 years. Beautiful? Yes. Sleepy? Ditto.

After a series of visits, we’re excitedly looking forward to visit #5–Sinners and Saints! Next Tuesday, January 12th, we’ll be meeting at 7pm at Lounjin once again. Kicking off a study through the book of Luke, we will also spend time dreaming and scheming about how we can work together to live out the Gospel. Hope to see you there!



One thought on “church visit #5 – our own!

  1. Girl, I feel your pain RE: Visit #4. I once belonged to a church like that. Building was a beaut. The rich history of the church, wonderful.

    But that was about it.

    I literally would cry after every service because it was so dead.

    Posted by missional girl | January 7, 2010, 11:32 pm

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