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welcome to chamwino

Just over two weeks ago, I made my way out of the airport in Dar es Salaam and into the waiting arms of Barbara Lundquist and a local friend, Zach Gerald. Pitching my trusty backpack and a bag of donated clothes into the back of our vehicle, we headed for Prof. Mitch Strumpf’s house and early the next morning set out for the village of Chamwino.  What does it mean to build partnership with a parish halfway around the world? I was about to find out. As we approached St. Peter’s Church, we were greeted with song and dancing.


A few of the folks gathered at St. Peter's. The woman on the far right is Kedmon Mapana's mother!

Along the way, St. Peter’s Pastor, Pastor Daniel Meshach, joined us for a song.


Me and Pastor Daniel, chillin in Chamwino.

Having been to Chamwino before, Barb points out the new church building to all of us.


The new St. Peter's, Maduma Parish, is almost complete!

Joining the village for a week was more than a short-term experience; it was meant to be a time of continuing to build relationships that had been started by Barbara more than two years ago on her initial journey to Tanzania.  Over the next few days, and next few blog posts, I look forward to introducing you to Nassan, the project coordinator in Chamwino, the St. Peter’s Church council, and some of the talented and amazing musical groups we met along the way.  For now, I leave you with a snapshot of the congregation gathered in the new church building.  The ladies in red are part of the Jericho Choir, one of five choirs that all call St. Peter’s home.  Incidentally, everyone asked how our church choir was doing, and expressed their sincere apologies when I shared that we had no choir. Perhaps it’s time for some cross cultural worship music sharing!


If you look closely, you can see the windows on the sides, and the doorways in the back. More building pics to come, and sincere gratitude for those who have sponsored doors and windows!

Stay tuned next post for links to music videos, more pics of time with the church council, and Kedmon and Pendo’s house! Thanks so much Kedmon and Pendo for letting us crash at your house in Chamwino, and thanks to Kedmon for all his coordinating from across the ocean.



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