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good news & the future of rock and roll.

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past seven days, you’ve heard of the British sensation Susan Boyle.  Her story is at once amazing, inspiring, and astounding.  A less than camera-ready Scottish woman with a voice that melts the most jaded, including Simon Cowell.  Fans of Susan, meet Collin:

This morning, between mopping the tile floor, mixing up a batch of cookie dough, and running a test load in the dryer to see if Amazing Fix-It Husband’s talents have saved the day, I heard this story about Collin Johnson.  Born at a little over 2 pounds with considerable brain damage, his parents were told he’d probably have a hard time learning to walk and have permanent disabilities.  He failed his hearing test.  Twice.  Today, at 10 years old, he has perfect pitch and is on track to be a rock star with an 8:30 curfew.  Turns out, despite the doctor’s predictions, God’s plans for Collin included more Zeppelin than anyone could have anticipated.

In a time when all thats broadcast on the airwaves smacks of tragedy, it’s nice to hear a little good news every once in awhile.  Are you ready to rock? 🙂



One thought on “good news & the future of rock and roll.

  1. on the one hand, this is amazing and adorable. on the other hand, this is infuriating because i wish i had the skizills lil homebro’s got. JEALOUS!

    Posted by hongdotcom | April 20, 2009, 6:09 am

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