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beauty tips for ministers

There are serious matters I could, and maybe should, be posting about, but as we’re all entering the mad scramble that is Holy Week for those who work in the church, a little levity is called for.  A few days ago, Sarcastic Lutheran posted an answer to the question “what does a woman minister in the church wear?” And it looked like this:



Sadly, the designer appears to be in Sweden.


While we’re on the subject of clothing for ministers, for those of us in less formal settings the question comes up as well.  Do you wear a suit? How short is too short if you’re rocking a skirt in front of the congregation? Are heels acceptable?  What about the hair? Long? Short? For us of the female persuasion, there’s less of a guideline in the Evangelical Circles.  For these questions I sometimes turn to a blog shared by my seminary friend and fellow minister Bruce, a blog called Beauty Tips for Ministers.  If you need a good laugh, it’s kind of like ‘What Not to Wear’ for the pastoral set.

What do you wear in the pulpit? What do you think is appropriate or not for your minister?



One thought on “beauty tips for ministers

  1. good lord that’s a funny blog, and surprisingly, a kinda cute outfit. Maybe I’ll buy that for your ordination present.

    Posted by katie | April 9, 2009, 12:00 am

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