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it’s all in the music

It’s all the rage these days to share your top ten musicians/bands/music genres.  I could share my top ten, but with more than a couple minutes to think about it, I’d be sharing who I think my top ten should be instead of who actually makes it into my car stereo, or on the iPod. So who’s in my car stereo and on my iPod?

Car stereo: 6 disc changer

1. Counting Crows, Across a Wire: Live in New York City, Disc 2

2. The Fugees: The Score

3. Michael Jackson: Number Ones

4. Earth, Wind, & Fire: Greatest Hits

5. Rich Mullins: A Legacy, A Liturgy, and a Ragamuffin Band

6. Mozart: Piano Sonatas.

And now, if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, the iPod playlist I have for running:

1. His Grace is Sufficient/Jennifer Knapp

2. 24/Jem

3. I Walk the Line/Johnny Cash

4. Mr. Brightside/The Killers

5. A Place For My Head/Linkin Park

6. Beat It/Michael Jackson

7. Smooth Criminal/Michael Jackson

8. Candy in the Sun/Swirl 360

9. Smells Like Teen Spirit/Nirvana

10. Rosa Parks/Outkast

11. Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard/Paul Simon

12. I Wanna Be Sedated/The Ramones

13. Girl Next Door/Saving Jane

14. You Make Me Mad/Third Day

15.Two Princes/Spin Doctors

16. Chem 6a/Switchfoot

17. Where Does the Good Go/Tegan and Sarah

18. Beautiful Day/U2

19. Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live Version)/U2

20. Let My Love Open the Door/Audio Adrenaline cover

21. Crash/Dave Matthews Band

Few things are as potentially embarrassing as an iPod mix. Judge away.



One thought on “it’s all in the music

  1. these are some of my faves!!! outkast? fugees? old school switchfoot? old school michael? simon and garfunkle?! fuhgettaboutit.

    Posted by jHong | March 22, 2009, 11:15 pm

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