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a few of life’s great mysteries

On the drive home yesterday, I was struck by a few of the random notes in life I find unfathomable.  I thought I’d share my current top 10.  Feel free to add any that have struck you.

1. Recumbent bicycles. Every time I see one, I’m flummoxed. Recumbent Bicycle

2. Four-lane highways with 25 mph speed limits. Hawaii, I’m left asking “why?”

3. People who don’t like chocolate or coffee. Seriously, are they human? Should they be studied?

4. Chicken breasts at Safeway. I buy these for Alan sometimes, and I’d swear they came off a medium sized turkey.  Do we need more proof of genetic modification?

5. The new pics of Bono sans glasses wearing tons of manliner. Umm, put the glasses back on if that’s what was underneath!

6. Miley Cyrus/Jonas Brothers/Mass produced and marketed crappy entertainment for kids. That and the fact the aforementioned are idiots who think making racialized comments and faces about Asian people is just ‘harmless fun’. Yeah, great role model example there.

7. The U.S. Auto Industry. So, we started out as the country that first mass-produced the automobile, and now we can’t make a decent car for shizz.  I’ve driven a few GM rentals in the past 6 months, and they’ve been TERRIBLE. If that’s all they’ve got, they don’t deserve to be making cars.

8. Chris Brown and Rihanna. And teen girls saying ‘she must have done something to make him mad’. Whaaat?  That’s messed up!

9. The rising trend of isolationism in American thought leading to increasing ideological polarization.  The church is only continuing this trend. Ecumenism, people! It’s good for you!

10. MacBooks. They’re sexy, shiny, and I want one, but I can’t understand how they get away with charging at least TWICE what a comparable PC costs.  Could we all boycott and wait for them to bring the price down so we can all afford them? It doesn’t mean you’re more creative, it means you drink the kool-aid.



3 thoughts on “a few of life’s great mysteries

  1. Nice post.

    My comments on your comments:
    1. I don’t get recumbents either. I also don’t get fixed-gear bikes on the road (I say they belong on the track). That said, people who ride one or the other say that they only way to “get it” is to ride them and then it all makes sense. Me? I’m going to stick to a regular ol’ road bike.

    2. I’ve stopped asking “why” about all things Hawaii a long time ago. It’s just a unique (in good and bad ways) place.

    10. Macs have always been priced well above PCs. Although it is getting harder to justify this now that they’re using the same processors. That said, I just can’t go back to using Windows, I just can’t.

    Posted by Randall | March 19, 2009, 5:37 pm
  2. #3 – probably not. and yes, definitely.

    Posted by hopewanders | March 20, 2009, 8:17 pm


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