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blogging lauren winner and the trinity

Perched in Quest’s ‘upper room’ version of the sound booth tonight at the Lauren Winner conference on Faith and Gender, I’m trying my hand at blogging and listening simultaneously. If I don’t catch everything she says, we are recording it, so I can catch it later. Currently, we’re chatting about eating disorders, gender, fasting, and the church. Soon, we’ll get into the trinity. In searching for images to put up on the screen, I found many male interpretations of the trinity, but despite all my searching for a female depiction of the Holy Spirit, a la wisdom or Sophia, you can guess the only woman who popped up in my search:

If I had the chutzpah, I would have proposed this as a possible modern interpretation of the Trinity. Don’t give me a hard time folks, I’m just getting creative.



2 thoughts on “blogging lauren winner and the trinity

  1. sweet. the matrix trinity. fwiw, trinity always had the coolest outfits among the 3.

    Posted by david | October 11, 2008, 4:43 am
  2. Actually, it totally works. Morpheus is the Father, Neo is the Son, and Trinity is the Spirit. I tracking with your theological interpretation there Leah.

    Posted by Rebecca | October 12, 2008, 5:20 am

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