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crisis at home, crisis abroad

Yesterday, a delegation from Nickelsville came to visit Quest. For those of you not in the Seattle area, Nickelsville is the homeless encampment named in ‘honor’ of Seattle mayor Greg Nickels. In the absence of space at shelters, a group of about 150 have banded together to form a community in search of a home. They’re asking for our help. In the current economic climate, the residents have banded together in talks about possible long-term solutions to the problem of homelessness. I heard many stories, stories of an elderly woman with MS who ran through her savings and had no access to affordable housing or medical care. The story of one man left in the financial lurch after his roommate moved out and he couldn’t cover the rent for his apartment. What is our response as followers of Christ when our sisters and brothers are in need?

Today, I also received an update from HEAL Africa, a non-profit supported by our church, which shares an office in the warehouse space. Things are bad in Congo right now. Really bad.

LYN LUSI writes:

The political situation in Congo is really bad right now. The government resigned at least ten days ago, and there’s no sign yet of any decision about a new prime minister. So there are no Ministries able to take any decision. There has been a strike of nurses against the government for the past 4 weeks, because no one has been paid for months; it’s a virtual lock out because the head of their union comes by every day to check if any one is working. Our doctors and the orthopedic officers are trying to keep things ticking over without causing too much suffering for patients.

The Governor called for a day of prayer yesterday (Tuesday) for the whole province because of the suffering of the population..It looks like things will get worse before they get better. We still cry to God to have mercy on the hundreds of thousands of people forced from their homes into camps, where they are hungry and wet and desperate. The lucky ones have got a piece of plastic sheeting to keep out the torrential rain.

World Food Program is completely out of food, and the supply lines through Bunagana (Rwanguba Zone) are now cut. We have received no WFP food for our patients for two months.

We are asking God to intervene.


To learn more about what’s going on with HEAL Africa, stop by Q Cafe tonight at 7pm. Judy and Richard Anderson, along with Harper McConnell will be on hand to share news, a short clip, and share more about the mission of the organization.

In the midst of financial crisis here in the U.S., and crisis abroad, how do we continue to act and not become overwhelmed?  What do you do in response to news such as this?



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