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Along with an interesting photo (sorry Josh, I think it’s me not you), I was one of a few folks quoted in an article in the PI today.  The paper was asking a question that keeps coming up for folks: are evangelicals excited about Sarah Palin. Don’t get too excited, I’m not going to stump for one candidate or the other on this blog, the fascinating issue for me is considering how the larger culture and media lump all evangelicals together as a monolithic group, while there are many different opinions and political leanings – democrat, republican, independent, green party – within the evangelical church.   As many Questers said brilliantly in a Sojourner’s article published this week, being an evangelical and following Christ means living out your convictions, voting for issues of social justice knowing these issues are central to God’s heart and social advocacy is one of the ways we can live out our faith.  Being truly pro-life for many evangelicals is not a narrow agenda focused on the prenatal period, but extends to the entire life span and considers issues of health care, homelessness, hunger, war, famine, and genocide.

And what of the woman question?  While Palin is being touted as a candidate women can relate to and be excited about, does her candidacy represent a forward step for women?  While the Southern Baptists have endorsed her candidacy (seriously, God can call a woman can lead the United States, but God can’t call a woman to be in leadership? I’d like to see the scriptural basis of that decision), do women consider her a good ‘representative’ of a woman who could occupy this historic role?  Just as I’ve stated about evangelicals, the opinion of one woman does not represent the whole. In my opinion, Palin is a step backwards.  Choosing a candidate without the necessary qualifications to run for VP does not advance the idea that women are capable and gifted human beings, but reinforces the notion that women aren’t qualified for these types of roles.  There are plenty of qualified women out there, it would be great to see one on any ticket.

As for my vote this November?



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