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anyone have a spare car?

Today I opened my email inbox to an interesting question: do you or does anyone you know have a spare car?

Turns out a local Karen (ethnic group from Burma) leader’s car broke down this weekend, and we’re hoping another can be donated.  Here’s the news update, and I’ll pass along the question: Do you, or does someone you know have a spare car?

Hi ya’all,
Sunday’s sermon at Karen church was from Habbakkuk 3:17…Paraphrased…”Though the jobs disappear and the layoff notices come (10+ laid off last week), the your medical coverage has ended, the food stamps are through, your child is sick, and I am afraid, yet will I rejoice in the Lord….God the Lord is my strength.”  Pretty powerful in context.  Then on the way home, S—‘s van (over 200,000 miles of service!) met its final demise.

I’m passing this on in case any of you know of someone who is recycling/thinking about donating/or selling for reasonable a working car that meets the below qualification  that would enable him to get around by himself.  Doesn’t need to be a van.

“Looking for something that will let me be a little independent.
Anything automatic with 2 doors ( so I can pull in my wheelchair myself) or
maybe a Honda element with split doors..??? anything that will move….?

As someone who received six of her kids and her own cars through family members who were recyling things they no longer had value for but I considered a gift from God, networking seems to be the place to start…..any leads?

Wish I had an extra car…



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