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what’s for dinner?

Lately, dinner making at the Klug house has gotten more and more exciting. After finishing grad school (okay, technically a couple weeks left), and starting full time at Quest this month, I wondered how splitting the household chores would go. One of my regular routines has been dinner-making. I admit that I enjoy making food, but there are times when I blankly stare into the refrigerator, every ounce of creativity has seeped out of my body, and wonder what I can possibly make for dinner that will work for both of us. Our situation might not be unique, but since I’m a vegetarian and Alan is not, coupled with the fact that his exercise program for bike season means he needs a substantial caloric and protein intake, sometimes it’s a bit of a stretch to make just one meal.

Sometimes, I make something that can be split and have meat or other protein sources added separately, as Alan claims he will wither away to nothing in the absence of beef, pork, or chicken. Popular items in this category include lasagna (one veggie, one meat), spaghetti (ditto), curry (meat added to half the batch), and soup (ditto). I try and cook big batches for the week, so we can have leftovers for lunch or dinner. This week, I modified a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen’s “Best International Recipes” to use the ingredients I had in the house. We almost had shrimp pad thai (I eat seafood. I’m a cheater, I know.), but since the tamarind paste had somehow eaten through the plastic container, I went with a Kung Pao Shrimp. Not sure how authentic the recipe was, but it was pretty tasty.

For those of you dinner-makers out there, what have you been making lately? Any ideas for us? Also, for those married couples out there, how’s it going with the chore-splitting at home?



2 thoughts on “what’s for dinner?

  1. I do ALL the cooking around here. It used to be split a bit more evenly but somehow we’ve decided we’d rather eat what I cook. 😉 On the subject of what to cook, I’ve started a bit of a “thing” at my blog where people can link their recipes. Tomorrow’s category is Mexican inspired. Hopefully something will “inspire” you! What have I been cooking though? Anything I can grill outside. Last night it was pizza, night before it was panini sandwiches.

    Posted by Andrea | July 11, 2008, 1:04 am
  2. I have been making menu plans at the beginning of the week – usually Sunday evening – I check out the pantry, fridge, and freezer, then plan around what I have. Monday am is grocery day, so I get whatever I need for to complete the menu then. I am not an organized person, and this has helped me so much! Check http://orgjunkie.com/ for some ideas. I just started participating in Menu Plan Monday three weeks ago (blogging about it) but around 200 people participate and orgjunkie has links to all those who participate so you can browse for ideas.
    : )
    Love your blog!

    Posted by Melanie | July 16, 2008, 12:56 am

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