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Good News in the World

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I can think too much. I think about inequality in the world, sickness and disease, poverty, work related technicalities, whether or not the sanctuary is ready for Sunday…all kinds of stuff. I get worried. I forget that I need to lighten up every once in awhile. Today, I heard some great news, so I thought I’d share. Linda, a Quester currently in Kenya, was supported by the Global Presence ministry at Quest, and I shot her an email letting her know how much we would be able to give to Village Volunteers, funds that would go directly to the Orphanage she’s working with.

Thank you! I just read your email aloud to my host family and they are
immediatdly excited. It is equivalent to about 6300ksh and they say
they will put it toward fees for health certificate qualifications
(costing 8000ksh). Will send update email now. thanks again!!

All the funds we use to support the Summer Visionaries at Quest, the Quest attenders who go out on summer missions project, come out of the general budget for the year. So really, THANKS QUEST! It’s amazing to think that a couple dollars or a weekly tithe are now supporting the Dago Orphanage in Kenya. What else did people support this year? Click here to find out!



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