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global food crisis

With the convergence of increased oil prices, decreased food crop production, increased biofuels, drought, flooding, and natural disasters, food prices have skyrocketed. The poor, both at home and abroad, have been hit hardest. Quest Member Kate shared how the organization she’s involved with, Tusubira, needs more help than ever before. Tusubira works with STAO, an orphanage in Mafubira, Uganda. The increase in food prices means less food for the children–who were already struggling to have enough. I know there are a thousand causes out there, and a seemingly endless amount of need in the world. It can be overwhelming to consider where and who we should give to, but please check out the link, and consider supporting Tusubira and STAO.

From Kate:

  • GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS AFFECTS UGANDA: An update from Kate at Tusubira As the larger media sources have told us, the world is currently in a food crisis with the shortages affecting those who need food the most. STAO currently cares for over 70 STAOchildren orphaned by AIDS and has been hard-hit by the recent escalation of food prices throughout Africa. With prices of grain literally tripling in recent months, these children—many of whom already suffer from malnutrition due to the lack of nutrients in their diets—have been unable to receive adequate meals. And the situation is only getting worse. Would you consider supporting us as we seek to love and encourage our friends in Uganda in this time of extremely difficult circumstances?http://wehavehope.org/news/effects-of-world-food-crisis-at-stao/


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