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sushi and sealions

okay, this is a shameless repost from the hubby and my joint blog, but until after graduation this sunday, it’ll do.

Last weekend, we finally took the plunge and went on our first vacation as a married couple since the honeymoon. Almost exactly 10 months after the big day, we were ready for a little R&R. Since Alan has been traveling to the Oregon Coast since before he could walk, and my own formative years included regular pilgrimages to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, we settled on the Oregon Coast for a long weekend. Just outside Newport, Oregon, we chilled out at the Inn at Otter Crest, a great, reasonable vacation destination (we had a web deal for one of the three nights free), with a kitchen unit including a balcony opening onto the ocean. A short walk down the bluff led us to the beach, where we did a bit of exploring.

Rock-hopping between tidepools, I showed off my mad marine biology skills as only a coastal Washintonian/Alaskan could. Eventually, I convinced Alan that the sea anenomies wouldn’t eat him, although I couldn’t get him to pick up this ferocious beast:

All in all, a great, relaxing weekend with a day-and-a-half of sunshine, seals and sea lions at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, tons of sleep, all the TV Alan could watch, and a couple good books for me. Top it off with a chowder run, a bottle or two of decent wine, including some local Oregon pinot noir, and a log in the fireplace and we’re talking serious happy times and a great start to the summer. Beverly Beach



One thought on “sushi and sealions

  1. miss ya, mrs. leah…feels like i haven’t seen ya in ages!

    Posted by Keren | June 14, 2008, 9:45 pm

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