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Wanna Change the World? Stop by Thursday at 7

Saving the world is the thing to do these days. Bono’s working on it, Brad and Angelina are lending a hand, and someone famous emails me from one.org almost every other day. With the onset of globalization and the increasingly interconnected nature of our world, we’re exposed more today to the suffering and injustice present in our world than ever before. It can be overwhelming, hearing about another mass genocide here, another natural disaster there. With death tolls in the hundreds of thousands, what can we do?

More and more people are realizing that while we can’t save the world, we can do something. Quester Andy Liu started Future Hope with a couple of friends, and now works to bring technology to underserved parts of the world. A group of UW students got together and founded Tusubira, partnering with a village in Uganda to literally change lives. Teresa and her husband Rich have been working with World Aid for years, helping aid and resources reach those along the Thai-Burma border that need it most. Laura, who works with grantwriting at SPU, knows how to connect non-profits needing funds to granting sources, and grantwriting resources. They’ll all be part of a panel discussion and Q & A session this Thursday, May 15, at 7pm in the church basement.

If you’ve ever felt the urge to start an organization yourself, if you have a heart and vision for the world and are wondering how you might live that out, come, listen and learn together.



One thought on “Wanna Change the World? Stop by Thursday at 7

  1. you rock, zaff. am proud to serve alongside ya! 😉

    Posted by georgesong | May 13, 2008, 10:04 pm

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