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earthquake in china

By now, most of you have heard of the magnitude 7.9 earthquake that hit central China about 8pm Monday (their time). As we hear the death toll rising, and wonder what we can do in the aftermath of yet another natural disaster, I read the posting from a Quester who is in the neighboring province, and was in the area just last week:

while playing with the kids at the orphanage today, the chinese helpers suddenly told us to clean up and move all the kids to one area. they had just heard there was an earthquake nearby and were afraid aftershocks would hit our city. so we cleaned up, moved all the kids to one area and sat there waiting for something to happen. the kids did well. they stayed in the area the whole time…my roomie sang songs for awhile, then we got tired and ended up just sitting there until it was time for us to go.

a few hours later, we found out a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit a neighboring province. it’s the area my roomie and i were just in last week. we have friends who live on the 22nd floor of this city, and they felt their building wobbling. we’re watching the news right now…many families have lost loved ones, lost homes and their means of livelihood. people are still searching for their loved ones. temporary hospital facilities have been set up on the streets to care for the influx of those who have been hurt…it’s heart-breaking seeing how such a strong force of nature could cause thousands to lose their homes, their beloved ones, and means of living. an earthquake of this magnitude is a horrible, horrible disaster for the densely populated areas in this country.

please keep all those who have been affected in your thoughts…

edit: update from A. today:

hi leah!

thanks for thinking of me! i didn’t realize people would be worried about me until i got a phone call from my sister last night at 1am…then i got home from school and saw a whole bunch of emails in my inbox. some people here felt a few trembles but i didn’t feel a thing. i know some buildings were evacuated but people don’t seem to be scared that anything else will happen in this city.

i’ve been reading updates of the earthquake and know that the number of people who have died has gone up to 12,000 and this still might not be the final number…it’s so sad….people in those areas already don’t have very much…to see them lose everything is so heart-breaking… just 1.5 week ago my roommate and i were in that province and in one of the pretty hard-hit areas…



One thought on “earthquake in china

  1. Hope everything is Ok at there and don’t go any worst anymore… I hate earthquake, My first experience of earthquake when my time at Japan~ not big magnitude but scary to me, cause 10 times in a day in Yokohama~

    Posted by DSvT | May 14, 2008, 1:36 am

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